Description This new filter gives developers a chance to show or hide the “Add inline SVG” button programmatically, based upon their own logic. Parameters (bool) Whether the block is being shown or not. Return (bool) Whether to show the button

Filtering allowed tags and attributes

Filtering of allowed tags and attributes can be done using the wpsvg_allowed_tags and wpsvg_allowed_attributes filters. They’ve been available since version 1.6.0 of the plugin. See below for use of these filters: add_filter( ‘wpsvg_allowed_tags’, function ( $tags ) { // Do


wpsvg_inline_svg_class   Description Allows a user to adjust the inline svg wrapper class name. Parameters $class (string) The class name. Return (string)¬†You must return the class name


wpsvg_inline_svg_markup   Description This filter allows a user to adjust the inline svg wrapper markup. Parameters $wrapper (string) The current wrapper markup. $contents (string) The SVG contents. $class_name (string) The wrapper class name. $attachment_id (int) The ID of the attachment.