Filtering allowed tags and attributes

Filtering of allowed tags and attributes can be done using the wpsvg_allowed_tags and wpsvg_allowed_attributes filters. They’ve been available since version 1.6.0 of the plugin. See below for use of these filters: add_filter( ‘wpsvg_allowed_tags’, function ( $tags ) { // Do


wpsvg_inline_svg_class   Description Allows a user to adjust the inline svg wrapper class name. Parameters $class (string) The class name. Return (string)¬†You must return the class name


wpsvg_inline_svg_markup   Description This filter allows a user to adjust the inline svg wrapper markup. Parameters $wrapper (string) The current wrapper markup. $contents (string) The SVG contents. $class_name (string) The wrapper class name. $attachment_id (int) The ID of the attachment.